New 6 meter repeater under construction

We have taken out of service the 40 year old Motorola 6 meter FM repeater rack of equipment on 53.330/52.330 MHz at the Twin Towers on the north side.  The old unit had many problems.  The new repeater is being built from two Maratrac Motorola transceivers and, although capable of 110 watts output, the transmit unit will be programmed down to about 50 watts due to the extreme heat conditions of the environment.  As no one in the area has the necessary RIB (radio interface box) tool to interface between the programming computer and the radios, we are building one from a kit furnished by Richard Miller, K4IFG, on the west side.

The Maratracs are currently programmed for our frequency and access CTCSS (continuous tone coded squelch system) tones of 127.3 MHz both on encode and on decode.  The otne access will keep down the interference from out of the area signals especially during band openings.   The tones chosen are in accordance with the tones used by the vast majority of analog FM repeaters in the Florida Crown District area.

This will be the fifth and last RANGE repeater to be brought back on the air since we lost our primary site in 2015.

New Phone # and eMail Address for RANGE

We now have a new dedicated RANGE phone number that is monitored regularly.  The number is 904-770-5290.  Feel free to call any time.

Also we now have a regularly monitored eMail address:  You may send emails there any time.

New Yaesu Fusion Repeater

Repeater picture
W4RNG 444.675 Fusion Repeater

About a moth ago the Jacksonville Range Association installed one of our two new Yaesu fusion repeaters.   The new repeater will continue operation on our existing UHF frequency of 444.675.  The old repeater will remain on location as a backup.  Yaesu Fusion technology allows us to continue to use our existing analog radios while allowing owners of fusion radios to take advantage of the enhanced audio and data that the digital system provides.  For more information on Yaesu Fusion, visit  Information on all of the Jacksonville Range Association’s repeaters, visit our repeaters page.

Echolink is back on the 147.315mhz repeater

The Echolink setup that was previously on the 146.76 repeater is now on the 147.315 repeater.   We are working on cleaning up the interface and fine tuning audio levels.   It may be intermittently offline until it gets to its permanent home on April 2nd.  Please feel free to download Echolink and connect to us on node #  504177

When is damaged coax a good thing?

When it get’s donated to RANGE.  A local communications company ordered a 100+ foot run of 7/8 inch RFS Cellflex cable.   It was kinked during the process of putting it on the spool.  We unwound the cable and removed the damaged area leaving us with about a 48 foot run and 82 foot run of cable.   This donation is worth over $500 and will come in handy as we continue to expand coverage of the .76 repeater and upgrade the UHF repeater.   Thank you to our anonymous donor!

New Webpage

Thank you for visiting the new webpage.   We are developing a more modern, dynamic and interactive webpage.   If you would like to submit an article or post.  Please E-mail us at

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